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Tips to Throw a Fun and Successful Dinner Party

What creates a great and memorable dinner party? When planning a dinner party, we often focus on the food, putting time and love into the culinary creations. We forget the magic combination includes all ingredients, food, drinks, atmosphere, and conversation.

I went in search of how to throw a fun and successful dinner party.

Julie from Bahamamama Interior and Events Styling is an experienced stylist and currently creates events on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas. I approached Julie and asked her, " What are the important details to consider when organizing a dinner party?"

Here are some tips and tricks for your next event and gathering to make it fun and filled with laughter and stimulating conversation.

Julie recommends, before sending out your save the date invitation, there are important details to consider when organizing your event: 

What is the occasion?

How many guests will you invite?

Is it a buffet or a plated meal?

What season are you hosting?

Inside or outdoor setting?

What are the preferred colours or favourite themes?

Let's break this down into bite-size pieces.


Often, we have a special anniversary or birthday and create a dinner party to celebrate, theming the occasion to reflect the honoured. A cumulative trend is to host dinner or garden parties at home. For no reason other than to celebrate being in the moment, decorating these occasions is at the hosts' discretion.

Create a date and a guest list

Think of your guests. Who would you like to add to your list? How many do you wish to invite to your occasion? Inviting even numbers in guests will add symmetry to keep the conversation flowing, contemplate linking friendships or complementary personality traits to ensure the conversation flows and does not stagnate. 

Personalities are a significant factor when working on your seating arrangements. A common mistake is to put all the extroverts at one end of the table and introverts at the other. Creating a blend of personalities will keep the conversation fun and lively.

Secure the date and send out "Save the Date" invitations to your guests. Sending out personalized invitations via the mail is popular, design your invitations in Canva or contact an event organizer to assist.


If you are organizing a lunch or dinner party, think about how you would like to present your meal. Will it be as a five-course plated meal or canapes in the garden? Or maybe you are creating a buffet for your guests to serve themselves. Each of these scenarios will dictate what you will offer at the occasion. Remember to check if your guests have any dietary requirements.

Décor and decorations = Atmosphere

Julie advises adding detail when designing your Table decor will create style and atmosphere.

Textiles, Tablecloth, and Table Runners always use these in layers as a base to frame your tableware. Placemats will frame your crockery and choose Napkins to enhance the colour theme. 

Greenery Centrepieces create a warm and inviting atmosphere. By utilizing, Vases of Flowers (Dried Flowers or Fresh Flowers), Branches of Natives Plants, or potted plants from your home.

Create a visual point of difference with different heights on the table. You can use tiered servers/platters, candlesticks, drink dispensers, or plants. Try to have a focal point and vary the rest.

When styling your Dinner Table, add the elements individually starting with.

  1. Add a tablecloth or runner
  2. Layer placemat/charger plate and the crockery
  3. Place glassware 
  4. Top with a napkin
  5. Layer in your Centrepieces decorative or serving ware. Starting with a higher piece near the Centre. 
  6. Finish with greenery.


Dinner parties are always about interacting and conversations. So, when styling your dinner table, keep your Centrepieces low enough to see the person across the table but high enough to create a variation on the table. Always make sure your guests have ample room and aren't squeezing your guests on or into corners, uncomfortable guests, make for boring company.

Julie's Spring and Summer Dinner party trends

With the trend of staying in more these days, we are paying more attention to our friends and family and making these moments count and extra special.

A big swing in decorating has been to use Dried Florals for Centrepieces, especially hanging installations. Balloons have made a comeback and make for great backdrops, use complementary colours to your theme to add a colour pop. 

On-trend colours now are warm, muted, and earthy tones Dusty Pinks to Clay, Rust, and Ochres. 

Add a personal touch by adding a name tag, giving details of the menu, adding a little thank you gift.


Spring is now here, and Summer is around the corner, Australians love the Aussie Barbeque, Dinner Party or Picnic, make the most of your next event and celebrate time with those that are important to you.

Bahama Mama specializes in interior styling and can help make your next dinner party extra special for your guests, the new website launches the 1st October.



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